My fork of the Suckless Simple Terminal (st).

Updated 5 months ago

Spigot Plugin for gliding off a spawn area.

Updated 11 months ago

Normal Snake gameplay, but hardware accelerated

Updated 12 months ago

CLI to help change the wallpaper in a more comfortable way.

Updated 4 months ago

A simple implementation of the Minesweeper game in Java.

Updated 10 months ago

C 0

TUI generation library for C on Windows.

Updated 9 months ago

Generic linked list implementation in C with demo application.

Updated 12 months ago

Template repository for JavaFX 15 Eclipse / Maven projects.

Updated 7 months ago

My personal Gentoo ebuild repository.

Updated 3 months ago

Template for free software repositories.

Updated 6 months ago

An event handling library for Java utilizing annotations.

Updated 6 days ago

My fork of the Suckless Dynamic Window Manager (dwm).

Updated 3 months ago

My fork of the Suckless Dynamic Menu (dmenu).

Updated 8 months ago

Java 0

A simple chess GUI supporting UCI.

Updated 10 months ago