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kske 6499a4f698
Merge pull request 'Update Default Chat Pictures on Theme Change' (#115) from b/ui-fixes into develop 10 months ago
kske 05ed5da41b
Merge branch 'develop' into b/ui-fixes 10 months ago
kske c5f4969666
Merge pull request 'Add Jenkinsfile' (#114) from feature/jenkinsfile into develop 10 months ago
kske 1a9f9a85ab
Add Jenkinsfile 10 months ago
kske 544210a811
Merge pull request 'Upgrade to Event Bus 1.0.0' (#112) from event-bus-1.0.0 into develop 2 years ago
kske 5ef5d96445
Upgrade to Event Bus 1.0.0 2 years ago
kske dcf1b0c58d
Send Pending Messages After Successful Handshake (#111) 2 years ago
delvh 10213a0d3d
Link to Documentation (Wiki) in README (#110) 2 years ago
delvh b653652f6d
Fix chat default pictures not being updated on theme change 2 years ago
kske 0ff910ebde
Merge pull request 'Improve Scene Switching' (#109) from improved-scene-switching into develop 2 years ago
kske 6d85e337d2
Remove fixed size support from SceneContext 2 years ago
kske 67ebc6be83
Initialize scene with stage size in SceneContext 2 years ago
kske e3052a2133
Reuse the same scene in SceneContext by switching root nodes 2 years ago
kske 4d4865570d
Make resizability a property of SceneInfo 2 years ago
kske 0ce8b0c89d
Move SceneInfo to separate file 2 years ago
kske cd7793a589
Merge pull request 'Add Local Account Deletion' (#108) from f/account-deletion into develop 2 years ago
delvh e5659c1da1
Remove account deletion on the server 2 years ago
delvh f67ca1d61d
Add option to delete your account 2 years ago
delvh 8bdd201b28
Add Ctrl+U and Ctrl+K shortcuts to ChatScene 2 years ago
kske f6c772a655
Merge pull request 'Made Server Less Error Prone' (#107) from f/secure-server into develop 2 years ago
delvh 7a883861be
Apply suggestions by @kske 2 years ago
delvh d4c7813c97
Fix unnecessary authentication token being sent in requests 2 years ago
kske 889e9b186f
Merge pull request 'Display Current User Status and Unread Message Amount in Status Tray Icon' (#103) from f/enhanced-status-tray-icon into develop 2 years ago
delvh fccd7e70b1
Disable crashing the server when Hibernate panics after oopsing 2 years ago
delvh 2eeb55ed52
Add client side errors in case of data initialization with null values 2 years ago
delvh 44d3082958
Fix bug allowing unauthorized access to a client 2 years ago
delvh 241e5def03
Fix "infinite" amount of messages being displayed 2 years ago
delvh cd8971b6b4
Fix settings button placement 2 years ago
kske e79f60e95e
Properly display unread message count (>9) 2 years ago
delvh aaaf5ef7be
Fix TrayIcon colors 2 years ago
delvh 98f59c1383
Fix bug displaying the double amount of unread messages 2 years ago
kske db28f02505
Merge branch 'develop' into f/enhanced-status-tray-icon 2 years ago
delvh b2c3cf62c8
Reformat all source files with new formatter 2 years ago
delvh 77a75fc37c
Apply suggestions by @kske 2 years ago
delvh a0812f193e
Add working leaving of a group 2 years ago
delvh ebe19c00c9
Move context menu from ChatScene globally to ChatControl specific 2 years ago
delvh dd477b6cbc
Fix several bugs 2 years ago
delvh 571a953c40
Add partially working blocking and deletion (for both client and server) 2 years ago
delvh a515ec961a
Add server side contact deletion 2 years ago
kske 12184848b6
Remove unused value from 2 years ago
kske 2e17caea4d
Keep track of total unread messages and display them in the status tray 2 years ago
kske 44f4d8f1e0
Display current user status in status tray icon 2 years ago
kske 5b85c1bf54
Remove project specific import order 2 years ago
kske f4f34ff829
Remove project specific formatters 2 years ago
delvh ab2e9aa114
Add Image Caching (#95) 2 years ago
delvh 75f0a65517
Add Enhanced Keyboard Shortcut Mechanism (#91) 2 years ago
delvh 08bd915f04
Improve performance of a status update 2 years ago
delvh fa2a5d0b24
Fix Bug resetting user status on login 2 years ago
delvh 1d191858fe
Apply suggestions by @kske 2 years ago
delvh 3c8c544cbd
Added shortcuts to change status and TrayIconPopupMenu items 2 years ago