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kske cc5c07079a
Merge pull request 'Handler Caching' (#37) from f/handler-caching into develop 7 months ago
kske 8fae4f6d76
Remove print statements from test 7 months ago
kske 2d276a1d74
Compare listener using equals() during removal 7 months ago
kske 8609c6a90c
Simplify binding cache usage 7 months ago
kske ee9d08b2b8
Test binding cache 7 months ago
kske 5468bddb35
Add handler cache 7 months ago
kske a8d858e8c7
Merge pull request 'Remove USE_PARAMETER' (#35) from f/remove-use-parameter into develop 7 months ago
kske 6ee4e11161
Fix inconsistent test 7 months ago
kske 8615a0e021
Fix Event Bus Proc module name 7 months ago
kske 3aef7d5bcb
Only update handler accessibility if necessary 7 months ago
kske 36ed55fd71
Use void.class to determine how the event handler type is defined 7 months ago
kske 999a172e72
Merge pull request 'Inherit Event Handlers' (#34) from f/handler-inheritance into develop 7 months ago
kske 722bf2b999
Test priorities for inheritance 7 months ago
kske 7fb633d69f
Inherit event handlers 7 months ago
kske c5607d12ae
Fix SonarQube scan 7 months ago
kske a8810c497f
Merge pull request 'Jenkinsfile with SonarQube Analysis' (#33) from f/jenkinsfile into develop 7 months ago
kske ebb2191f4a
Make unit tests package-private 7 months ago
kske 09d251a02a
Add Jenkinsfile 7 months ago
kske 27d14a844d
Merge pull request 'Exception Wrapper' (#32) from f/exception-wrapper into develop 7 months ago
delvh adbcc64e94
Add ExceptionWrapper documentation 7 months ago
DieGurke 84ae42b44f
Remove unnecessary new line 7 months ago
kske e53f356c54
Add exception wrapper with transparent delivery to the caller 7 months ago
kske d649f377b7
Merge pull request 'Shorten Module Names' (#30) from f/improve-project-structure into develop 8 months ago
kske 897f1a20f3
Shorten module names 8 months ago
kske 856a2e8cbf
Bump version to 1.2.0 9 months ago
kske 11860d1469
Merge pull request 'Document Latest Features in README' (#27) from f/improved-readme into develop 9 months ago
kske f620f06208
Merge branch 'develop' into f/improved-readme 9 months ago
kske 5a6d8bcf35
Rename EventBus#printExecutionOrder(Class) to debugExecutionOrder 9 months ago
kske 39ffb5c82a
Fix module-info instructions in README 9 months ago
kske 5ddef71c26
Merge pull request 'Support JDK-style Javadoc Tags' (#28) from b/javadoc-tags into develop 9 months ago
kske 85b2da391a
Merge pull request 'Make Unit Tests Executable by Maven' (#29) from b/unit-test-execution into develop 9 months ago
kske 46a358da97
Make unit tests executable by Maven 9 months ago
kske 6bf9e1097a
Support JDK-style Javadoc tags 9 months ago
kske 3fccb809c8
Move installation section up in README 9 months ago
kske d1c4bcc7eb
Add callback listener section to README 9 months ago
kske ad29a93ccb
Add debugging section to README 9 months ago
kske e67b64678b
Merge pull request 'Add Callback Event Handling' (#26) from f/callback-handler into develop 9 months ago
kske c614beb063
Make CallbackEventHandler final 9 months ago
kske d3abb0aca3
Improve parameter naming for listener registration 9 months ago
kske ee688929fd
Add callback event handling 9 months ago
kske 897d794b86
Merge pull request 'Handler Execution Order Debugging' (#25) from f/handler-introspection into develop 9 months ago
kske 40d48cb959
Merge pull request 'Improve Documentation in Code' (#24) from f/improved-documentation into develop 9 months ago
kske b760c58298
Add a handler execution order debugging method 9 months ago
kske 872b395374
Rephrase some Javadoc 9 months ago
kske 82c66c45ec
Improve EventBus Javadoc, make EventBusException final 9 months ago
kske 866a547114
Merge pull request 'Initialize the Default Event Bus Statically' (#23) from f/static-singleton-initialization into develop 10 months ago
kske 33ebf0302b
Initialize the default event bus statically 10 months ago
kske b915a5c490
Merge pull request 'Properly Handle Nested Dispatches' (#19) from b/nested-dispatch into develop 1 year ago
kske 205a183db7
Allow nested dispatches by keeping track of nesting count 1 year ago
kske 74447dea59
Add nested dispatch test 1 year ago