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kske 6bf9e1097a
Support JDK-style Javadoc tags 6 months ago
kske e67b64678b
Merge pull request 'Add Callback Event Handling' (#26) from f/callback-handler into develop 7 months ago
kske c614beb063
Make CallbackEventHandler final 7 months ago
kske d3abb0aca3
Improve parameter naming for listener registration 7 months ago
kske ee688929fd
Add callback event handling 7 months ago
kske 897d794b86
Merge pull request 'Handler Execution Order Debugging' (#25) from f/handler-introspection into develop 7 months ago
kske 40d48cb959
Merge pull request 'Improve Documentation in Code' (#24) from f/improved-documentation into develop 7 months ago
kske b760c58298
Add a handler execution order debugging method 7 months ago
kske 872b395374
Rephrase some Javadoc 7 months ago
kske 82c66c45ec
Improve EventBus Javadoc, make EventBusException final 7 months ago
kske 866a547114
Merge pull request 'Initialize the Default Event Bus Statically' (#23) from f/static-singleton-initialization into develop 7 months ago
kske 33ebf0302b
Initialize the default event bus statically 7 months ago
kske b915a5c490
Merge pull request 'Properly Handle Nested Dispatches' (#19) from b/nested-dispatch into develop 10 months ago
kske 205a183db7
Allow nested dispatches by keeping track of nesting count 10 months ago
kske 74447dea59
Add nested dispatch test 10 months ago
kske 6eebd3c121
Pass errors caused during system event dispatch to caller 11 months ago
kske b758f4cef1
Remove obsolete paragraph from README 1 year ago
kske 0dcad7d178
Bump version to 1.1.0 1 year ago
kske c0cda7341b
Merge pull request 'Add @delvh as Contributor' (#15) from add-delvh-as-contributor into develop 1 year ago
kske b804243f4e
Add @delvh as contributor 1 year ago
kske 0aef1c299b
Change license to Apache-2.0 1 year ago
kske 51f10c4144
Merge pull request 'Listener-Level Properties' (#13) from f/listener-level-properties into develop 1 year ago
kske f74b953db8
Replace hardcoded priority value by constant 1 year ago
kske 52719d22d4
Merge pull request 'Transparently Propagate Event Handler Errors' (#14) from b/error-passthrough into develop 1 year ago
kske 122106bf39
Transparently propagate event handler errors 1 year ago
kske 7357198d45
Warn about useless handler property redefinitions 1 year ago
kske 32dfe64c0f
Add listener-level properties section to README 1 year ago
kske 2ec0a82a96
Respect listener-level properties 1 year ago
kske 6c74af608c
Allow @Polymorphic and @Priority on types, add value to @Polymorphic 1 year ago
kske d9ddc0e1a9
Merge pull request 'Add ExceptionEvent' (#12) from f/exception-event into develop 1 year ago
kske 7c3cd017de
Add system events section to README 1 year ago
kske 6a2cad4ae5
Add ExceptionEvent 1 year ago
kske 0f9b64be48
Merge pull request 'Add DeadEvent' (#9) from f/dead-event into develop 1 year ago
kske b2fe3a9d6c
Log unhandled dead events 1 year ago
kske 9379e6bb94
Merge pull request 'Additional Warnings in Event Bus Proc' (#8) from f/additional-warnings into develop 1 year ago
kske 0036dc4829
Add DeadEvent 1 year ago
kske 8a30493c52
Warn about unused event handler return values 1 year ago
kske b56f08e441
Warn about unnecessarily polymorphic event handlers 1 year ago
kske 4a5b94a9b7
Allow event handlers with non-void return type 1 year ago
kske ff35e7f37d
Fix several edge cases in EventProcessor 1 year ago
kske 1dd9e05c38
Rename event-bus-ap to event-bus-proc 1 year ago
kske 39c51c8953
Merge pull request 'Split @Event Parameters Into @Polymorphic and @Property, Remove Marker Interfaces' (#5) from f/new-annotations into develop 1 year ago
kske 002180ed3b
Remove EventListener and IEvent marker interfaces 1 year ago
kske 603fe80df6
Merge pull request 'Restructure Project, Add Annotation Processor' (#4) from f/annotation-processor into develop 1 year ago
kske cd2e7ad023
Rename Event#eventType to Event#value for more concise usage 1 year ago
kske 9b1c708514
Replace priority with @Priority 1 year ago
kske 3a6ebe9a19
Replace includeSubtypes with @Polymorphic 1 year ago
kske e040f6ab1b
Simplify binding access calls in EventBus 1 year ago
kske ebc11555f6
Fix developer connection string in POM 1 year ago
kske 955e2d82b4
Add Event Bus AP section to README 1 year ago